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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


No people, this has absolutely nothing to do with the alcoholic beverage. This is solely an breakdown and guide to dancing in T&T for for all de first timers, fresh waters, etc yuh will have a lil idea as to what yuh seeing or doing in a fete.

Like ah stated..dis here blog is all bout on with de wine!!!

Wine*, Winin' A sexually suggestive dance using winding hip movements that can make the hula look tame, usually done to soca music......


WINING* The dance in Trinbago during Carnival is called "winin'", the "wine" is probably the closest thing to having sex with your clothes on that you're likely to see.

Winin' has recently been co-opted by music video vixens, so you have probably seen this dance or even done it without knowing the origin. Men winin' on women (and those women winin' back) is a major part of carnival; strangers commonly dance up to each other and begin this intimate dance.

Any woman in a carnival band or fete (party) is likely to be approached in this way. Don't take offense if you (or a wife or girl friend) are approached by a really dirty dancer who doesn't ask before making physical contact.

If you are not interested in joining in (by winin' back), good naturedly move away from the other person, they will usually move on to find someone more receptive.

WINING WORDS by Lisa Allen-Agostini

Wine up: to wine vigorously

Wine down: to wine while lowering the bottom to the ground in a squat

Wine around: to wine in a circular motion, or to move around while wining

Tief a wine: to creep up behind or in front of someone and wine on them surreptitiously

Take a wine: to boldly do same

Give (someone) a wine: to allow someone to wine on you; a pity wine

Wine back: to actively participate in a wine initiated by someone else

Wine to (music): self-explanatory

Small wine: a short wine

Hard wine: a particularly vigorous wine, usually on someone

Slow wine: a wine to a slow song, or on every other beat

Sweet wine: a wine that feels good, arousing

Dutty wine: a wine with bad intentions, a true jamette wine, uninhibitedly sexual

Rough wine: wining fast and hard, usually with someone

Social wine: a polite, non-sexual wine, done by someone who either can’t wine well or who wants people to think they’re too high-class to wine well

Stiff wine: an awkward wine lacking the fluidity of spine that characterises a fine wine

Tourist wine: the half-a-beat-out-of-time and amateurish wine practised by tourists who don’t know the art

Dollar wine (after Colin Lucas’s 1991 hit “Dollar”): to wine from left to right, then back to front. The song lyric invites you to put a one-cent piece in your left pocket, five-cent in your right, ten-cent in your back pocket, and a dollar in front under your belt; then you thrust your hips in the following pattern: cent, five-cent, ten-cent, dollar

Wine in time: correct wining, done to the dominant beat of the music

Wine out of time: incorrect wining, done to the offbeat or no beat at all

Walk and wine: in a display of sauciness or impertinence, or overt sexuality, a woman (or man, usually gay) may walk while shaking her bottom

Wine on (someone): to wine against someone, either facing them or from behind

Wine in (someone’s) face: metaphorical. To trounce, to lord it over someone

Wine off (one’s something): to wine so hard that something surely must be broken

Just a wine: Though a wine could mean more, sometimes it is just dancing and nothing else

Now that we have the general idea of what to do with yuh body when yuh reach de fete...

Now: for a visual on one better dan Denise Belfon to demonstrate...see below........

and doh get tie men does wine too..dat coming soon!!