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Trinidad Fete Tickets is now closed for the 2011 T&T Carnival Season. Tickets are no longer available for purchase via the site. Persons who have made purchases via the site will be receiving their invoices and other relevant information shortly. If you require information on fetes, dates, ticket costs, locations, where to purchase, committee members, etc, please check the links below.

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We ask that you read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS guide so as to assist you in understanding our processes and with any questions you may have. Should you not find any answer to your relevant question there, do not hesitate to contact us thereafter.

Promoters who wish to have their events listed on the site and through our newsletter, can send an email to Please provide all relevant information on your event: Name, Date, Location, Time, etc..etc..

Should you wish to be kept updated on TFT news, ticket availability, etc, please send an email to Trinidad Fete informing us that you wish to be placed on our subscriber email list. Also, place our email addresses in your SAFE LIST so as to avoid emails from us going to your spam/junk mail box.

Friday, 3 September 2010

TFT Frequently Asked Questions Guide (FAQ)-2011

Please read through our listing of the Frequently Asked Questions by subscribers and visitors to our site. Your query may be addressed below.

Q: How can we communicate with you?

A: We are reachable via the following means:
MOBILE: +44 781 118 6566, (Trinidad number to be advised )
SKYPE: (skype i.d)

Q: Do you offer carnival costume services also?
A: For 2011, we have yet to confirm details. More information will be provided on the site.All costume collection will be at the relevant mas camps.

Q: What is the latest I can pay?
A: The deadline for FULL & FINAL payment for 2011 is midnight Wednesday 20th February 2011. Full payments must be made by this date. In instances where official fete prices have not been released, we will make individual and personalised arrangements with the respective customers.

Q:  I do not have a Pay Pal account, can I pay by another method?
A:  You do not need a Pay Pal account to make purchases, you can complete your payments first, and then decide whether to save your information by creating a PayPal account for future purchases.
At this time, T.F.T only uses and processes payments via Pay Pal.

Q: Why isn’t the ticket price listed?
A: Final prices for fetes/events in T&T as has been the yearly custom in T&T, are generally not released as much as up to the last week  prior to individual events - TFT has no control over this. Prices currently listed are deposits.  As prices become available, the full prices are on the site in the Pay Pal drop down lists section for the events we do provide tickets to.

Q: What is the purpose for the deposit?
A: The advantage of the deposit is, once the FINAL PRICE comes available, you will not have to go looking for the full amounts to ensure your tickets as they would've been reserved with said deposit and only the balance will need to be paid.

Q: Is this deposit on top of what the ticket prices usually are?
A: The deposit you pay is deducted from the total price.

Q:  How do I know my balance?
A:  Purchasing customers, once the full prices become available, will receive a request for payment of the balance at the same email address you used to make your deposit.  After full payment is made (for all your purchases), you will then receive a final invoice, listing all your purchases/payments - again via the same email address you used to make your payments.  This is the invoice you will use to collect your tickets.  In instances where official fete prices have not been released before our deadline date for payment, T.F.T will make individual and personalised arrangements with the respective affected customers.

Q: What is the ticket purchase process?
A: To pay for your selected ticket please view the panel on the right , which is facilitated by PAY PAL and accepts most major Debit & Credit cards. Click on the drop down arrow to select your event/fete of choice from the respective list.
NOTE:     We DO NOT hold or reserve any tickets without a paid deposit.

Q: What fees are included on my ticket?
A: Service charge which includes transaction, processing and administrative fees which cover the cost of international transfers, securing the tickets and providing a specialised one stop service to customers.

Q: When & Where can my tickets be collected?
A: Only purchasing customers are advised of  hours of operation and T&T contact number.  This will be on your final T.F.T invoice you receive -after making full payments for all your purchased events (and or arrangements in cases where full prices have not been released prior to our deadline date. We are very accessible by email, skype and thru this blog as we answer all relevant emails received.

Q: How do I collect my tickets?
A: With reference to ticket collection, because you are booking online and we do not know who is who, to protect your purchase, when collecting your tickets we require you have a valid picture ID - driver's license, National ID card or Passport will be accepted in addition to the printed email confirmation/invoice you would have received. It is your responsibility to ensure you have these documents upon collection. Should someone be collecting on your behalf, please send us via email, the full name of the person collecting, your instructions to give the ticket to this person, and they are also required to have a copy of this said email with our acknowledgement of receipt and a valid form of picture ID (as indicated).

 We do not accept school/university/college/library/travel card/company I.Ds or any such.  Only a valid, government issued ID will be accepted.

* Please provide your full name as stated on your photo ID when purchasing tickets. Anyone sending in payments with 'no name', 'anonymous' or using a company name and not sending an nominated individual name attached to their order & payment will have their order declined. Due to our collection process, we will NOT be accepting anonymous payments or payment without an individual name who can provide a government issued, valid ID.

Q: Will I be able to purchase extra tickets at your office?
A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. All tickets MUST be purchased and paid for in full prior to collection. There will be no 'extra' availability of tickets once the deadline has passed for accepting orders. As indicated, we are allocated a limited amount of tickets from the various promoters/committees and these are reserved for persons who have paid via TFT online.

Q: Will I be able to pay by cheque?
A: This is not possible. TFT does not accept cheques

Q: How do I know when tickets are SOLD OUT?
A: TFT aims to keep the site updated with regards to tickets sold out via our service. In addition, when making your purchase or selection via the PAY PAL system, you will be notified that the event you are trying to pay for is sold out.

Q: What do you mean by SOLD OUT?
A: Where fete/events indicate sold out, it means that tickets are sold out through this site/service (TFT) as we have reached our quota of tickets. This does not mean that the event itself is sold out.

Where an event is completely sold out, as indicated by the promoters/committee members we will advise of such.

Q: Can I purchase tickets at your office for any fete?
A: Tickets cannot be purchased at our location for any event.  Ticket purchases are handled through the website and only a collection facility is conducted at our location.  Only tickets for events we have an inventory for on the site can be collected from us.

Q: Do you accept cash at your office?
A: Unfortunately, we do not.  This is mainly for security purposes, in addition ALL purchases are done through the website and Pay Pal facility.  We do absolutely NO cash transactions at our collection point.

Q:  Do you do refunds?  What is the penalty if any?
A:  DEPOSITS:  In the event of official fete cancellations, where the deposit cannot be applied to other events you may have purchased through this site, we will refund in full (under 60days of initial payment) within 30-90 day period via Pay Pal, not immediately.  If you wish to merely cancel your order/deposit and not apply to any other purchases made through the site (or have not made any other purchases through the site), a USD$5.00 administrative charge per transaction will apply and be deducted from the refund.  It is also at our discretion, based on individual circumstance to waive the fee.

FULL PAYMENTS: In the event of official fete cancellations, where the full payment or part thereof cannot be applied to other events you may have purchased through this site-(or have not made any other purchases through the site), we will refund in full- (under 60 days of initial payment)-within 30-90 day period via Pay Pal, not immediately.
Should you request a refund after a full payment is made for any event and choose not to apply it to any other purchases you may have made through the site-(or have not made any other purchases through the site), a USD$8.00 fee per transaction will apply for admin charges. It is also at our discretion, based on individual circumstance to waive or discount the fee applied.  Refunds will be issued within 30-90 day period via Pay Pal.

Please be advised  that persons wishing refunds after 60 days of issuing initial payment to Trinidad Fete Tickets via Pay Pal, whether deposit or pay in full, it will be your responsibility to absorb the PAY PAL transaction fee resulting from this refund and our discretion to apply admin charges as necessary. Refunds will be issued within 30-90 day period via Pay Pal.

All refunds from TFT will be processed and issued between 30 - 90 days and sent via Pay Pal.  No cash in hand refunds will be done.

No refund on deposits will be given if you fail to pay in full for your orders within 5 days after our close off date in instances where the balance payment request has been sent. Tickets ordered must be paid for in full by us to relevant promoters even if you cancel at this time.

Carnival Costume deposits are NON Refundable.

We will NOT be providing tickets to:
* Diamond Vale
* Bacchanal Wednesday
* UWI Splash

Should you have any other questions, after reading this, please feel free to send us an email